Roland VAD706-GN
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Roland VAD706-GN

Product Code: VAD706-GN

Roland V-Drum Acoustic Design Kit - Gloss Natural

The Perfect Fusion of Acoustic and Electronic Drums

The VAD706 takes the electronic drummingexperience where it’s never gone before, combining Roland’s flagshipV-Drums technologies with the hand-crafted detail of premium-gradeacoustic drums. This top-of-the-line V-Drums Acoustic Design kitfeatures digital snare, ride, and hi-hat pads that bring ultra-detailedplayability to the three most nuanced pieces in the kit. Thenext-generation TD-50X module provides unmatched tone, feel, andresponse, coupled with deep editing tools to fully personalize yoursound and pro connectivity to take on any playing situation. Full-sizewood shells are included throughout, with advanced sensing systems thatdeliver real-deal acoustic feel. And with four eye-popping finishesavailable, you can choose the look that perfectly matches your personalstyle and taste.

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  • Five-piece V-Drums Acoustic Design kit with full-size wood shells and double-braced chrome stands
  • Flagship TD-50X sound module with next-generation Prismatic Sound Modeling and PureAcoustic Ambience technologies
  • Over 900 sounds on board, including many new kick, snare, hi-hat, tom, and cymbal selections
  • Four premium finish options: Gloss Natural, Gloss Cherry, Gloss Ebony, and Pearl White
  • 14-inch PD-140DS digital snare, 18-inch CY-18DR digital ride cymbal, and newly developed 14-inch VH-14D digital hi-hat, all with high-res, multi-sensor triggering for unmatched performance
  • 10-inch PDA100 and 12-inch PDA120 rack toms, 14-inch PDA140F floor tom, and new 22-inch KD-222 kick
  • Two 16-inch CY-16C-T crash cymbal pads, which feature a 40-percent thinner design than previous V-Cymbals for greater flex and swing
  • Hands-on interface with dedicated buttons and faders for selecting, customizing, and mixing drum sounds
  • Import your own WAV samples via an SD card
  • Stereo XLR master output and eight TRS direct outs provide balanced connections to a PA mixer
  • Integrated 32-channel USB audio/MIDI interface for professional computer music production
  • Four auxiliary analog trigger inputs for easy kit expansion
  • Mix input for drumming with music from a smartphone or laptop
  • Built-in practice functions for developing drumming skills
Kit configuration
Drum sound module: TD-50X x 1
Snare: PD-140DS x 1
Tom1: PDA100 x 1
Tom2: PDA120 x 1
Tom3: PDA140F x 1
Hi-hat: VH-14D x 1
Crash1, Crash2: CY-16R-T x 2
Ride: CY-18DR x 1
Kick: KD-222 x 1
Drum stand: DTS-30S x 1
Extra trigger input jack
5 (TOM 4, AUX 1--AUX 4)
Setup guide

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