Pearl PSD1455SEC768
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Pearl PSD1455SEC768

Product Code: PSD1455SEC768

Pearl President Series Deluxe 14"x5.5" Snare - Desert Ripple

President Series DeluxeFrom subdued to stratospheric, the guttural growl of President SeriesDeluxe snare drums speaks with a giving tonal push that digs deep intothe groove.The same shell material, lug combination, and bearing edge have been putinto play to give you a sound that is grounded and sharp, but full oflow-range overtone when played without dampening. Tempered using theinternal shell muffler, the short, pillowy sound of every great AM Radioclassic floods your senses.The President Series Deluxe snare captures the tonal essence of an era,but its focused tuning range makes it far from a "One Hit Wonder".6-ply, 7.5mm Lauan Shell - Drawing from the very origins of Pearl's drummanufacturing history, Lauan was the source of the original "MIJ" (Madein Japan) sound. This darker-toned medium/hardwood was the basis ofthousands of shells made by Mitsuo Yanagisawa in Pearl's Chiba,Japan-based drum factory starting in 1961. Loud yet subdued, Lauan has adeep, punchy wallop with plenty of top-end attack.SuperHoop II - A sturdy triple-flanged hoop at optimum 2.3mm thickness,each is identity stamped and made for accurate and secure tuning in playwithout inhibiting overall shell resonance.SR017 Strainer - This quick, simple strainer delivers effortlessswitching and optimum sensitivity control.BSL55 Traditional 8-Lug Layout - Preferred by Vintage enthusiasts andcollectors, the original 8-lug layout (featuring a recasting of Pearl'soriginal
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  • Size: 14"X5.5"
  • Shell: 6-ply (7.5mm) lauan
  • Lug: bsl55
  • Rods: t061lw
  • Strainer: sr017
  • Snares: sn1420i
  • Hoops: 2.3mm superhoop ii triple flanged (8-lug)
  • Heads: remo ut cs black dot (batter) / remo ut hazy snare (bottom)
  • Internal muffler: im100w

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